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C360 is a Personal Security and Environment Risk Training Consultancy created in 2018 to provide and deliver accredited training in Personal Protection, First Aid and Health and Safety for people employed within the NHS, education, security, police and military sectors.


The benefits from our training are quite straightforward: they offer a more effective and efficient way of managing your staff’s exposure to personal risk of harm from physical and Health and Safety threats. This is particularly relevant where that exposure cannot be eliminated; and is supplementary to their existing training.


C360 was formed to provide training programmes tailored to meet the needs of civilians and emergency service staffs, who also need to exercise duty of care in the conduct of their professional duties.  Specifically, people employed within the police service, national health, private health-care agencies, education and social/ support services.  


Let strengthen your staff training. Courses and assessments can be tailored to your requirement and offer flexible timetabling. We pride ourselves on delivering truly unbiased training services and support to our clients.

Self Defence

Self Defence


First Aid



"Mark Tucker has a huge amount of combat experience, ranging from service with the elite Royal Marines Commandos, a professional mixed-martial-arts career, and security consultancy in the Middle-East. Decades of martial arts study under some of the world's greatest instructors, plus his extraordinary exposure to hostile environments and violence, has enabled him to develop his authentic Combatives 360 programme. Mark's passion for the fighting arts is only matched by his passion for teaching them to others and the development of his students. Using concepts and techniques that are both realistic and easy to follow, Combatives 360 is essential for anyone that wants to best prepare themselves for violent confrontation." 

Steve Brown - Former Paratrooper, Pathfinder, and SERE Combatives instructor. 


"I have known Mark Tucker for many years now. I am continually impressed by his straight forward look at martial art. His ability to see lines of attack and defence is at a very high level. If you get the chance to train with him, you will be impressed with his grasp of progressive training methods. Mark has the ability and credentials to train the whole spectrum of combat science, Military, Law Enforcement, Self Defence and martial art classes of all kinds for regular citizens. His humour is a big help in the learning process. There are very few world-wide in his class. Practical, learnable and fun. Truly one of the best in the MKG Family."     

Rick Faye - Founder MKG International 

"I have had the pleasure of knowing Mark Tucker for the best part of 20 years through the martial arts and within the MMA competition circuit. Mark also has a very credible military background. Recently I attended his Combatives 360 CQB program and was very impressed with his professional approach and delivery of this unique course. Marks knowledge and real time experience was evident within the content and practical applications which progressed throughout the day. Mark has done an outstanding job in putting together a very detailed relevant course which I highly recommend." 

Phil Norman  - JKD/KALI Combatives 


If you have a course inquiry or questions, send us a message. We usually respond to email requests within 48 hours.