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The main purpose of the Basic Hand Gun course is to teach students how to use firearms safely. Regardless of the situation in which the student will be in the future, his/her behavior with weapons will always be safe. Each candidate on the course is treated individually so that after the training he or she can freely use the skills acquired during the course.

On the last day students will undergo training evaluation, combining existing exercises into one task. On the designated track, the student will have to perform the task of eliminating several targets using various stances and the knowledge and skills acquired during the course.

Who is this qualification for?

The training is dedicated for those who would like to start their adventure with firearms. We also invite people who would like to improve their skill using pistols.


  • Safety rules
  • Basic information about hand guns
  • GLOCK pistol assembly/disassembly
  • Holster & pouches selection and their arrangement on the belt
  • Five fundamentals of tactical shooting
  • Weapon draw
  • Trigger work and aiming
  • Readiness (low ready, high ready)
  • Shooting stances (standing, kneeling high, kneeling low, prone)
  • Marksmanship principals
  • Multiple target engagement
  • Magazine change and reload (various methods of reloading weapons)
  • Malfunctions



If you have a course inquiry or questions, send us a message. We usually respond to email requests within 48 hours.