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Coach Mark Tucker

Mark Tucker TechIOSH / AiiRSM C360 head coach and founder

Mark is a former Royal Marine Commando before taking up employment as a professional Close Protection Operative (CPO) predominately in the Middle East/Gulf areas and extended to maritime and port security duties (ISPS Code). This also included contracted work with the USA Department of Défense covering personnel security and anti-terrorism measures. Mark has also travelled the world teaching unarmed combat to US Forces, NZ Forces, UK Forces, UK Police, and close protection operatives. As CPO experience and skills evolved Mark focused more of his business interests closer to home, pursuing other opportunities which ranged from security at Formula One, World Super Bikes and high-profile events around London.

On September 11th, 2001, he was working for the US Pentagon on the Military Sea Lift Command in the Mediterranean, when his ship was rerouted though the Suez Canal to the secure Military base on Diego Garcia in the Indian Ocean. It was during his time on Diego that Mark was re-tasked with teaching Combatives to US Marine Fast Teams and Navy Seals.

In 2008, he was invited to New Zealand to teach NZ Special Forces and Police. Since this mark has had the opportunity to teach Combatives to members of the Royal Marines, Parachute Regiment, Devon & Cornwall Police, SO19 and Security Operatives.


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