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Certified Instructors

We are a hardworking team with years of diverse professional experiences spanning a wide range of disciplines. Our goal is to share our passion for Self Preservation.

DENNIS GRAY Lt Cdr RN (ret'd) C360 Development Officer

Dennis served in the Royal Navy for 35 years from January 1969 until April 2004. He entered as an apprentice marine engineer artificer (now called technicians) and saw service in a number of the steam powered warships including the aircraft carrier HMS Ark Royal and 4 frigates. He was commissioned Sub Lieutenant in 1984 and served in a broad spectrum of jobs as a seagoing engineer officer, staff officer and operational instructor. In this latter area he has led military teams delivering training not only to the RN but 10 other nations, mostly European. Most training was area specific capability training aimed at warships deploying to the Gulf and South Atlantic. He led a training team providing damage control training to RN and Dutch warships prior to combat operations against former Yugoslavia. Post military service he accepted a contract to deliver engineering training to UAE personnel who were standing-by a warship build in France.

Dennis had always yearned to enter the world of martial arts. In the mid1960s he joined a newly formed judo club in Dumfries Scotland, enjoyed the experience but could not pursue it due to other sporting activities at high school and swimming. It was always his intention to return to martial arts and eventually achieved his goal when, in late 2007, he joined a Plymouth based club offering Kali and JKD. He also worked with and for another local club that drew upon Cacoy Doce Pares. He has also run his own club, assisted University of Plymouth JKD group and other clubs offering guidance on administration aspects with regard to child protection matters. His work with other clubs was always in a voluntary capacity as he sought knowledge over reward. In early 2010 he learned of a club in Liskeard, headed by one Mark Tucker, which was offering places on a Progressive Fighting Systems course as created by Guro Paul Vunak. Thereafter followed further training opportunities with Mark to train with Guro Rick Fay. In 2017 Dennis requested to join Mark’s club as student and was delighted when Mark agreed to accept him as a student. Now in his 70th year Dennis is settled and happy in a very exciting and positive club environment which, quite simply, offers world class training opportunities. He is particularly pleased to have had some involvement in Mark Tucker’s Combatives360 programme. The programme Mark has developed encourages and offers training that is common to military personnel and which guides students in experiences gained through core military values - strategic thinking, situational awareness and incident management; or as Mark would state - Combatives360.

AARON DAVIS South of England Regional Director

GARY SMITH Senior Coach

Gary Smith Originally from Plymouth. Gary served in the British Army from 1997 - 2002. Serving in Germany, Canada and Kosovo. After leaving the Forces he went on to work within the UK Security Industry working in various roles including working the Doors in Night Clubs, Retail stores. Gary also has experience living and working out in the Middle East. Both in Kuwait and Iraq returning back to the UK in 2014 permanently.

Gary started his Martial Arts Journey many Years ago and is competent in many areas but always gravitated towards the grappling arts and it’s various forms. His style typically uses strong fundamentals and heavy pressure to submit or lead to a submission. He has most recently become an Associate Instructor within the MKG Family and I consider him a competent Black Belt under myself and Pedro Bessa in Jiu Jitsu.

Within the C360 Team he specialises in CQB, tactical movement and weapon retention. Although will often support me with various other aspects of the Contact. Whether that be demonstrating ways in which to survive an initial attack from one or multiple attackers. Or teaching you to ultimately (increase your survive-ability) how to react in such a way you will learn to finish the fight through overwhelming violence and guile.

BARRY CRANE Senior Coach


If you have a course inquiry or questions, send us a message. We usually respond to email requests within 48 hours.