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The main purpose of the C360 UNIT 2 - Clinch is the ability to control your attacker while under pressure; learning how to manipulate their body and limbs using grips and controls will give you the edge allowing you to set the fight at your own pace and apply your tools the course will teach students how to close the distance and control an attacker during a violent attack. Regardless of the situation in which the student will be in the future, his/her the ability to control any potential attacker in a safe way is paramount. Each candidate on the course is treated individually so that after the training he or she can freely use the skills acquired during the course.

At the end of the course students will undergo a training evaluation, combining existing exercises into one task. The student will have to perform the task of eliminating several attackers in various situations using the knowledge and skills acquired during the course.


  • Fundamentals of Clinch
  • Break in-break out 
  • Breakaway techniques
  • Takedowns/Throws
  • Training methods
  • The Law

Who is this qualification for?

The training is for anyone wishing to learn the skills of self-preservation to protect themselfs and their loved ones.


If you have a course inquiry or questions, send us a message. We usually respond to email requests within 48 hours.